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Born in Lerum, Sweden outside Gothenburg. Raised in an artist’s family whom inspired her a lot to create & express her feelings in artpainting. After 4 years of Art school she went to Paris, had a studio & exhibited at Carrousel du Louvre among other Galleries. Then moved to Holland,painted & exhibited. After several years abroad she returned to Skåne, Sweden 2007.

With painting you can show feelings like with music. When you work with a picture it can develop like emotions. In order to be happy either in painting or in life you have to be open to the unexpected.

The creation process varies, different colors & shape themes. I often paint figures in symbiosis with nature. The motifs are often emotional, dreamy compositions. A surrealistic toutch with elements of flowers, often collage & sometimes surreal stairs. My idees can come from anything, from travels, people I met, places I visited, and also from old masters.

I paint most in acrylic but also oil & egg oil mist.

In painting you can be surprised & feel very free & satisfied, like an experience of euphoria that I most often get caught in while painting.

Charlotta Höglund has participated in several individual, collective & jury exhibitions in Sweden. And also collective expos & Biennales in France, Italy, Holland, England, Denmark, Switzerland & New York, U S A.

Have recieved several prestiges Artawards.

Member of BUS, VSKG, Helsingborg Artassociation.
Art Education: Skånska Målar School in Malmö,
Folkuniversitetet, Helsingborg                                                                 1994-1998


Artexpo Bienal Arte M.E.A.M Museum Barcelona Spain Nov 2022

Artfair complew du Louvre, Int. Prize, Paris France Oct 2022

Artaward Int prize Caravaggio, Milan, Italy 2022

Art tour Skåne, Sweden, Katrinetorp, Malmö 2022, 2023

ArtExpo Budapest Hungary, ”Segnalati”  Pinter Art Gallery 23-29 November 2021

ArtExpo Gallery Jäger&Jansson Lund Sweden July 2021, 2022

ArtAward ”Ambassador of Art” Italy  2021

Artaward ”David”Michelangelo Italy.                                                                2021

Artaward ”Dante” Alighieri Italy.                                                                      2021
Stunning ArtExpo ”Segnalati” Venice, Italy at                                                    2021
Scuola Grande di San Teodoro. 
”Digital Expo” White Space Gallery 555W 25th Chelsea,
New York, U S A  October                                                                             2020,2021
Collective Artexpo vskg at Staffanstorps konsthall Sweden.                                2020
Artaward ”Artist of the year 2020” Sept. Monreale, Italy                                    2020
Jury-judged Artexpo Gallery Stenhallen,Borgholm Sweden.                                2020
Artaward ”Frida Kahlo” Milano, Italy,                                                               2020
Artaward ”Leonardo da Vinci” Borghese Palace, Florence, Italy                          2020
Expo Smygehushavsbad, Smygehamn, Sweden.                                              2019
Artaward ”Michelangelo” Brancaccio Palace Rome, Italy                                   2019
Art Expo Biennale, Mantova, Italy at Museum ” Diocesano Francesco
Gonzaga”                                                                                                   2019
Art Expo New York, U S A at Pier 90.                                                             2019
Modern Art Masters in Complex du Louvre, Paris, France.                                2018
Int. Fine Art Cannes Biennale, Cannes, France.                                               2018
Art-Fair Montreux, Switzerland.                                                                     2017
Parallax Art-Fair London, England.                                                                 2017
Metronomen, Copenhagen, Denmark.                                                           2017
Gallery Domus Romana, Rome, Italy.                                                            2017
Arttour, konstrunda,vskg, Torups Castle Easter               2015,2016,2017,2018,2019
Expo idrottens museum hus,Helsingborg, Sweden                                          2016
Maria Thorlunds Ateljé och Galleri, Lund. Sweden                                          2015
Gallery Fredland, Arild, Sweden.                                       

 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Gallery Kraften, Lomma, Sweden.                                                                2013
Gallery Cinnamoni Helsingborg, Sweden.                                                      2013
Arttour, Konstrunda påsken, Vskg, Alnarp, Sweden                        2012,2013,2014 
Artsaloon, Rådhuset Malmö, Sweden.                                  2011,2012,2013,2014
AutumnExpo, Alnarp, Sweden.                                                            2011,2012
Konst på stan, Art in the city, Helsingborg, Sweden2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016
Jury-judge,Artsaloon, Krapperup, Höganäs, Sweden             1999,2009, 2014,2018
Residence Interior, Helsingborg, Sweden.                                             2006,2007
Jury-juged Arthall, Landskrona Konsthall, Sweden.                                       2007
Morris, ArtDüsseldorf, Germany.                                                                 2004
Gallery Art inc, Exihition ”Art in the City”Eindhoven, Netherlands            2004,2005
Gallery ”Au pied de la butte” Konstnärsgården, Mölle,Sweden              1994 - 2004
Gallery Svenshög, Lund, Sweden.                                                               2003
Gallery, Art Present, Paris, France.                                                              2002
Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France.                                                             2001
Gallery, Adler, Paris, France.                                                                       2000
Jury-judgeArt Museum,vikingbergs konstmuseum, Helsingborg, Sweden         1998
Art-Fair Sundsvall, Sweden.                                                                        1997
Jury-judged prestiges Art spring saloon. Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden.        1997


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